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Tracking is so yesterday.

Knowing how far a player runs? Ok.
Making him run when he should? Better.
Learning where to be in the first place? Now we're talking

Whether you want to show the shape of the back line, highlight incorrect positioning, or monitor team shape, TrueView visualizations deliver clarity.

With a touch, the video springs to life. The coach drives an educational tool that demands attention.

For the first time, players don't just hear tactics. They see them. They feel them.

Your message hits your players right between the eyes. Now that's tracking.

How Does It Work?

Using panoramic video, Match Analysis records the precise location of all 22 players on the field. This is commonly called "player tracking". What makes the Match Analysis solution uncommon is its integration with the panoramic video.

Traditional tracking systems provide an overhead "bird's eye" animation: just circles and numbers moving around on a green rectangle. This is a highly unnatural way to watch a match.

Question: How many matches have you, your players, or your fans watched while hanging from directly over midfield?

Instead, Match Analysis allows you to access tracking data directly within the video itself. Touch a player in the video, and instantly, the player's name and number appear. Touch the four players in the back line, and a line appears on the field between them...not just in an animation, but in the video itself.

With a click, the offside line appears in the video itself. Click "Team Shape" and show your team how compact they are. Or draw with your finger directly on the screen to show a player where he needs to be or where the ball needs to be played.

The combination of panoramic video with tracking is revolutionary and in combination with Mambo Studio 5's power creates the most advanced educational and analytical tool for the sport on the market. No longer do players hear about triangles and shape.

They see tactics. They visualize what you've been saying all along. They finally "get it".

Check out the K2 TrueView Visualizations Gallery

Did You Know?
TrueView is designed with touch panel displays in mind. Whether you want to instantly animate for your team in the classroom or for your viewers in the studio, the power is in your hands.


  • Player Tracking - Accurate positioning of all players and referees.
  • Bird's Eye View - Traditional overhead animation.
  • TrueView Visualizations - Visualizations draw and animate directly within video itself. More natural and intuitive than bird's eye.
  • Touch Panel Interaction - Interact directly with the video by pointing to players in video.
  • Pan and Zoom - Point the camera exactly where you want it and zoom in on the action.
  • Instant Visualizations - Add the offside lines, team shape, player position, and ball highlight instantly with a touch.
  • Tactical Visualizations - Draw connections between groups of players, sketch on the field, highlight and identify specific players.
  • Key Frame Animations - Visualizations can appear and change as the video plays allowing you to highlight multiple points in one clip.
  • Smooth Fast Video Controls - Rapid seeking, frame forward and backward, instant camera switching.
  • Fully Integrated with Mambo Studio - Run queries, pull clips, prepare a presentation, or wing it on the fly.

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