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What Our Clients are Saying

As we develop the U.S. program, we are looking to bring the best tools to our players and staff at all levels of the program. Match Analysis provides us with the most innovative and practical analytical tools available to help prepare the squad to qualify for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Match Analysis has taken an approach that is player centric and driven by the need to communicate. The coaching staff can participate more directly in player development and growth at all levels. Match Analysis has the right set of tools and is the right choice for the program.”
Jürgen Klinsmann
Head Coach, US Men's National Team
1990 FIFA World Cup Champion, 2006 World Cup Third Place Finish, 2013 CONCACAF Gold Cup Winner
Match Analysis has been a key component in our preparation. We use it week in and week out to study our opponents and communicate with our players. It's a great company and a very innovative set of tools.”
Bruce Arena
Head Coach and General Manager, Los Angeles Galaxy
2 FIFA World Cup Qualifications, 4 MLS Cup Championships, 5 NCAA National Championships
At Sporting KC we are certainly always at the forefront of technology. We are a forward thinking club which prides itself on using cutting edge tools to keep us one step ahead of the game. The Match Analysis product suite certainly provides me, my coaching staff and all the players with a fantastic set of tools that's significantly ahead of the technology we've been using for the past couple of seasons.”
Peter Vermes
Manager, Sporting Kansas City
Only Person to Win MLS Cup as
a Player (2000) and a Coach (2013) with the Same Team (Kansas City)
Having previously used the Match Analysis tools and understanding how powerful they can be, it's great that Toronto has made the decision to use their services. I believe strongly in preparation and the importance of players participating in their own development. The period I used the products in MLS was a key moment in my playing career and certainly the preparation that I did during that time was a major factor that helped lead to the subsequent opportunity to play in the English Premier League. Incorporating such a fantastic set of tools into all of our preparations will benefit the club and help us improve.”
Ryan Nelsen
Head Coach, Toronto FC
Match Analysis provides the best set of tools in the market and consistently delivers a fantastic service. Having previously used them for our video and analysis data, we can now say with confidence that their products and service are the best available. It soon became obvious to us that a major and vital part of our analysis process was being unfulfilled by a competitive system. We are delighted to be returning to Match Analysis and once again utilizing their cutting edge products to provide our coaching and playing staff with the tools to give us a competitive advantage.”
Paul Bravo
Technical Director, Colorado Rapids
2010 MLS Cup Champion
Having the K2 system installed is a really exciting development in the video analysis support we provide our women's soccer program. We already get invaluable information from Mambo Studio Video Editing Software and Tango Online products that Match Analysis provides us, but with panoramic video we can now capture every single event that happens anywhere on the entire soccer field at anytime during the game. Previously we couldn't see each critical off the ball events, team shape or the overall pitch view. The K2 guarantees we now see everything we need. Combined with the player tracking and ability to animate within the actual video to visually communicate our message to players, this is a significant advantage over the opposition in our first season in the ACC.”
Randy Waldrum
Head Coach, Notre Dame Women's Soccer
2004 and 2010 NCAA Tournament Champion
At the University of Oregon we are looking to have the best tools available for use by all the players and coaching staff involved in our program. Communication is a critical element of the team's preparation and post match analysis. This is why we've selected Match Analysis for our analytical tools as their innovative products are extremely easy to use and provide the most comprehensive insight to assist in the development of the team.”
Kat Mertz
Head Coach, University of Oregon Women's Soccer
2007 Mountain West Conference Coach of the Year, 2008 FIFA World Cup Winner
This cooperative effort will bring Match Analysis's operation to Mexico, creating new jobs, positioning Liga MX among the most advanced in the world of football, and delivering a better show for our fans. In addition to interactive video of their team, of each player, of their idols, the fans will be able to see specific plays, goals, the shape of the team's lineup, and much more within the Liga MX website.”
Enrique Bonilla
General Director of Liga MX /Ascenso MX
Our goal at MLS is not just to repeat what is already available but to continually push the boundaries of technology and performance analysis. In conjunction with our existing relationships, this new agreement with Match Analysis is a major step toward making MLS one of the most technologically advanced leagues in the world.”
Nelson Rodriguez
Executive Vice President of Competition, Technical, and Game Operations, Major League Soccer
Match Analysis is a critical part of our efforts and success this season. Our coaching staff use the system constantly both to prepare our players for our opponents and to communicate our game plan week in and week out. Our players access our statistics and video via Tango Online and study up on their opponents or review their own performance. We've had a long relationship with Match Analysis, and we appreciate their support.”
Frank Yallop
Head Coach, Chicago Fire
2001 and 2003 MLS Cup Champion, 2012 Supporters' Shield Winner, 2001 and 2012 MLS Coach of the Year
We're very excited to see the new K2 camera system installed at our stadium. The Mambo panoramic video captures the entire soccer field in one view, allowing us to see the critical off-the ball-movement as well as team shape and other tactical information previously unavailable. This provides us with a tremendous competitive advantage in being able to communicate our vision for the game and preparing our players...With this new K2 system I'm very confident that our players will be even more prepared to compete at the highest possible level. We are all excited about the possibilities before us.”
G Guerrieri
Head Coach, Texas A&M Women's Soccer
12 Big-12 Regular Season and Tournament Titles and Winner of the 2013 SEC Championship
When the Coaching Staff first saw the graphics and visualizations that accompany the Match Analysis panoramic video we were excited about how it can be used to teach our team. It's been very easy to use and incorporate into our preparation.”
Phil Stephenson
Associate Head Coach, Texas A&M Women's Soccer
10-time Big 12 Winner, 2013 SEC Champion
Using Match Analysis allows us to more effectively communicate to our players. Mambo Studio is fast, easy to use, and extremely powerful. The service and support is unmatched. There is a huge, positive performance impact for our team on game day.”
Tom Stone
Head Coach, Texas Tech Women's Soccer
2008 U-20 FIFA World Cup Champion, 2010 U-20 CONCACAF Champion, Most Wins in Texas Tech Program History
This is our eighth year with Match Analysis. We continue to rely on Tango Online for in-depth statistical insights into our performance. The system is excellent and allows us to identify trends and improve our tactical approach to our games. Our players all take advantage of Tango Online to review their performances helping them improve individually and collectively”
Todd Yeagley
Head Coach, Indiana University Men's Soccer
2012 NCAA Tournament Champion and 2012 Soccer America Coach of the Year
Match Analysis provides a great service to our staff that saves us valuable time from having to break down video. It gives our players the additional tools they need to dissect their game and learn. We consider Match Analysis a key component in developing and improving our team.”
Greg Miller
Head Coach, University of Pittsburg Women's Soccer
3-time Big Ten Champion
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