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No sin goes unseen.

K2 Panoramic Video is a tactician's dream.

Three cameras stitched into one seamless video provide a unique corner flag to corner flag view. Focus in on one player or pull back and see team shape.

You control the view from the best seat in the house. Watch the video...

Breathtaking. Brilliant. The run that wasn't made. The foul that no one saw.

Relentless accountability. Instant understanding. See all. Show all.

Did You Know?
K2 Panoramic Video is available as a portable system as well as a stadium installation. No bigger than your carry-on bag, the system goes where your team goes and sets up in minutes.


  • Panoramic Video - Unique corner flag to corner flag view. Three videos seamlessly merged into one.
  • Ultra High Resolution - Exceptional picture quality.
  • Full Pan and Zoom - Pull back and see tactics, zoom in and see detail.
  • Easy, Fast Setup and Operation - We live to make things easy.
  • Precise Player Tracking - Track all 22 players without a stadium installation. And with TrueView Visualizations...Wow!
  • Portable or Installed - Take it anywhere or install it at your grounds. First team matches, reserves, academy, training ground, scouting? All of the above.
  • Smart Board/Touch Panel Integration - Ideal for the team room.
  • Referee and Discipline - Ideal for referee development and discipline reviews. From bench to AR, nothing is missed. Accountability at its best.
  • Security - Field incursions, crowd and staff monitoring.

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