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K2 TrueView Visualization Gallery

K2 TrueView Visualizations combine panoramic video with tracking data to create an unbelievable animated experience. The visualizations move within the video itself moving as the players move.

Touch a player in the video. Instantly see his name, speed, and distance. Touch two players and draw a line between them that animates as the video plays. Touch the Offside Visualization, and a line tracks the second to last defender right on the field.

Control what you see with K2 Panaramic Video and give it meaning with TrueView. Follow an opposing winger as he shifts from flank to flank. Measure the distance of a devastating long ball on the fly. Show tactics to your players in a way they'll understand and with an unmatched impact that will help you win matches.

See it with TrueView: Examples

Every player, every moment, tracked precisely in video.
Master your back line
Capture team shape dynamicically
Track player distance covered and current speed
Think outside the box
Never miss an inspiring through ball
See the space
Visualize offside
Understand off-the-ball movement
Always play one step ahead
End to end, start to finish
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